Artificial Intelligence

Among our strategic objectives is to advance in the analysis and possibilities of applying AI to the generation of new knowledge from the BNE’s collections and digital resources, and also in the optimisation of work processes.

Within the framework of BNElab, progress is planned in areas already identified as being of great interest to the BNE, such as:

  • Interrogation of databases or text corpora with natural language.
  • Improvements in OCR processes and manuscript transcription.
  • Identification and extraction of image elements.
  • Identification and extraction of entities in text.
  • Score recognition.
  • Assistance chatbots.
  • Automated cataloguing.
  • Automated classification.

We will explore possibilities, tools and ways of improving the services and resources offered by the BNE, and its work processes, ensuring an ethical, sustainable and transparent use of AI in these contexts.


artificial intelligence