BNE merchandising: narrative and design

Making BNE your own

The work on the institutional narrative of the Biblioteca Nacional de España has been the basis for designing a new line of merchandising, a family of objects that reflect the purpose, mission and principles of the BNE.

Objects that tell stories. Inclusive, different, narrative, quality and customisable objects. Objects that are didactic, curious, that appeal to the senses, that travel back and forth between past and present, that inspire to create a better future.

Each element of the collection is attractive at first sight, both in aesthetics and functionality, but behind this first impression hides a rich and significant history. We seek to combine tradition and the avant-garde, delving into the immense world of cultural references and narratives that make up the diverse and profound heritage preserved by the Biblioteca Nacional de España.  Through these objects we celebrate the complexity and richness often hidden behind the apparently simple and familiar.

This conceptualisation and design work will be the starting point to work on the production of the new family of BNE products, which you will soon be able to take with you and make yours!

Examples of BNE merchandising design

Photographies: Inés Garp (
Gabriela Lendo (, Silviaferpal (, Jacobo Cobián (