Making BNE sound

BNEsonora was created as a strategic framework to give visibility to the immense sound heritage of the Biblioteca Nacional de España, to promote its knowledge and use, and to vindicate this format as a product of memory and cultural creation, which the BNE also preserves for the future.


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Within this framework, we are working along two main lines: on the one hand, making the BNE’s sound collection visible (giving them context, approaching them from different perspectives, inspirations, possible uses…) and a second approach that aspires to the creation of new sound products, always with a perspective of collaborative creation, reflecting the acoustic condition of reality and memory, the importance of sound as heritage, memory and collective creation.

BNEsonora will be above all a proposal that sounds, that inspires and illuminates our hearing and our memory, that offers a new experience of discovery and recreation of sound heritage.


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