Creating ePubs

Reading the BNE collections

The Hispanic Digital Library offers thousands of works available for free access and in several formats, such as PDF or JPG. But we want to make these works as accessible as possible, facilitating an enjoyable reading experience. Would you like to download them and read them on your ebook reader, tablet or mobile? Now you can, because we have started converting them into ePub format, for free downloading and reuse. Our purpose is to make easier to read great works from our collections in one of the most versatile and flexible formats.

Web Chef BNE

In the first phase, nearly 1,000 titles were generated in ePub format, and this has become one of the most widely used digital services at the BNE.

In 2023 we began the second phase of the project which aim is to expand our ePubs collection, covering all types of works and subjects and paying special attention to those titles that have entered the public domain in recent years. Of course, we also want you to send us your suggestions, are you up for it? We make it easier by sharing with you this form, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

This project has a dual purpose: these works can now be read on electronic devices and offer new formats for accessing digitised BNE collections, but the process of converting them to ePub also means the texts obtained by the automatic optical recognition of PDF documents is corrected along the process. This will help generate new datasets that are clean and well-structured and can be useful for improving searches or applying digital tools to textual analysis.

To access the ePub format, you can either download the file by clicking on the link “Descarga del archivo EPUB”, or access the ePub viewer by clicking on the EPUB icon: