Comunidad BNE

This platform enables open and distributed collaborative work on the Biblioteca Nacional de España digital collections by developing enrichment projects for the collective generation of new knowledge.

Crowdsourcing allows anyone to get involved in tasks that will add enormous value to our collections, allowing us to delve deeper, rethink and reuse our heritage with collaboration and collective intelligence.

The results of the tasks we propose will be validated with a specific process for each project, and then included in our catalogues (bibliographic, authorities, etc.) or associated with the digital objects in the Hispanic Digital Library or the Digital Periodical and Newspaper Library, to search for and recover this enriched information.

The platform (BNE Community) was created by proposing transcription, identification, georeferencing and enrichment projects such as:

  • The limelight: project to transcribe and identify the theatre poster collection.
  • Who is who: project to identify and tag individuals portrayed in monographs.
  • To my distinguished friend: project to transcribe dedications on photographs and postcards.
  • Jean Laurent was here: project to georeference the collection of photographs by Jean Laurent in Spain.
  • Unidentified: project to identity anonymous individuals in the collection of Spanish Civil War photographs.
  • What does it sound like: project to enrich authority records for musical groups and bands.
  • A dictionary, a Swedish diplomat and Spain in the 19th century: project to label, transcribe and georeference a geographic dictionary manuscript.
  • Translation of … [femenine singular]: project to enrich authority records for translator women in the first third of the 20th century.

In addition to these, they have gone on to add other projects like:

  • Translation of… [feminine singular]: an identification and enrichment project on the authority records of the female translators from the so-called Silver Age.
  • Of public domain: an enrichment project on the authority records of the Spanish authors who died in 1939.
  • Women of the 19th century [written by women]: a project that researched the stereotypes about women in the work:
  • Aquí comienzan dos romances: a transcription project of a poetry piece from 1560.
  • Donde se siguen los romances: a transcription project of a selection of 16th century documents.
  • Cuál es el menú: a transcription project of a selection of restaurants menus.
  • Discovering La patria de Cervantes: an OCR correction project of an ancient journal.
  • BNE’s heraldic bindings: an identification project of a selection of historic books.

… and many more are yet to come!

Web Chef BNE was built using Pybossa, an open source technology that has been developed to add new features and will continue to be enriched with new elements along the coming months. Developments are also available as open source code in BNElab GitHub account:

Web Chef BNE