Learning and teaching with BNE collections

BNEscolar is the proposal of the National Library of Spain, in collaboration with, to promote the presence and use of the library’s heritage in teaching and school learning.

The project involves the creation of a platform of services and resources that take advantage of technology, new digital and collaborative narratives and the needs of current school curricula, to bring the documentary heritage to the classroom and reflect on the importance of preserving the historical and cultural memory.

Web Chef BNE

BNEscolar was launched in 2019 in the framework of BNElab, thanks to the initial support of and with the collaboration of the Ministry of Education.

In this second phase of the project’s development, which began in 2023 thanks to the support of the European Union’s Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, special emphasis is placed on expanding its strategic integration into the BNE, with the creation of its own spaces (in addition to the new website launched in January 2024) to facilitate exchange, institutional collaboration, conversation and inspiration, for the collective creation of new proposals for the reuse of BNE resources in the school environment, and the construction of new bridges between education and heritage.

Thus, the new space includes the following:

▸ The Experiences section, which brings together all the educational proposals developed so far in BNEscolar, in different formats, and which can now be filtered by educational levels.

▸ A new type of resource: nanocourses, self-guided learning experiences for the acquisition of transversal skills related to the management and analysis of information, or the creation of new knowledge.

Curricular cataloguing of nearly 800 BNE items, in harmony with the new LOMLOE reality, for searching and locating them in the search engine according to educational level (age), area/subject, or type of resource.

▸ Activities for putting BNEscolar’s proposals into practice (thematic, documentary, methodological…), in the In practice! section, which will continue to grow with the experiences contributed by the BNEscolar community.

▸ The renovation of the My BNEscolar space, the rationale of the project. It is a personalisation space that allows you to save and organise your favourite proposals and resources, propose new ones and, above all, share experiences with the community.

The portal has also been revamped from a technical point of view, integrating it into the BNE’s new institutional web infrastructure to ensure better sustainability and efficiency.

The main objective of all this? To encourage and inspire the Library’s collections, as a primary source of information and knowledge, to be recreated and used for learning and teaching.

Do you have any proposals or experiences of using these resources? Have you already put into practice the ones we suggest at BNEscolar? Contact us!